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Pressure Reducing Desuperheater Systems

In 1970, Hangzhou Worldwides Valve Co., Ltd had developed first mechnical pressure
reducing desuperheater system in China. With more than 30 combined years of
fluids-mixing experience, the design team from HZVALVE has applied technology to a
technical base of over twenty thousands installations worldwide.

Power Plants Valves

We concentrate on business the design, manufacture and marketing of power plant valves in a broad range of types and sizes, demanding advanced technology which has fulfilled all the qualifications to manufacture a wide range of industrial valves for the most critical and demanding services of high pressure and temperature porpose.

Pressure Reducing Valve

We offer customized solutions with high performance Pressure

Safety Valve

Safety valves are fully compliant with API and ASME design to take guarantee of entire safety system

Control Valve

We are providing market-leading control valves, services and solutions, for the most challenging applications

Preheater Valve

We give full selection for high pressure valve of bypass preheater

Full Forged Valve

Forged high pressure valves ensures critical power plant needs

General Valve

We offer full line of power plant valves includes gate valve, globe valve, check valve, forged steel valves and preheater valves.


Since 1958, Hangzhou Worldwides Valve Co., Ltd. is a leader in process efficiency and energy conservation for process industry, with over five decades of
experience building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions. Our unique complementary strength allows us to design and offer industry specific
solutions that focus on energy conservation and process efficiency for diverse sectors. Our knowledge, innovative solutions, reliable products and global presence
make us a trusted partner.

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